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  • Proper fitting SA 2015 or newer helmet only. M-rated/snell only/motorcycle only helmets are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Participant acknowledges that the inspection of Participant’s helmet by the Event organizers is for the sole purpose of determining whether Participant’s helmet has a label indicating that it has met the minimum, 2015+ standards of the Snell Memorial Foundation and that it appears from a visual inspection to contain the appropriate Snell rating sticker or label and to be capable of meeting those standards at the present time.
  • Participant acknowledges that the Event organizers make no guarantee of fitness for use in “passing” Participant’s helmet, and that Participant is relying solely on Participant’s own judgment in using the helmet in the Event.
  • Participant indemnifies, acquits and forever discharges GingerMan Raceway from any and all liability, claims, demands, or causes of action that arise from wearing the inspected helmet, from Participant’s attendance at the Event, or from any injury sustained by Participant, regardless of their negligence.
  • Participant understands that Participant is participating in a dangerous activity, and that Participant’s helmet has not previously been worn in a collision, dropped, or struck by a hard object.
  • Participant further acknowledges that the above conditions also apply to any helmet that Participant borrows from a GingerMan Raceway participant, and that Participant alone is responsible for Participant’s decision to wear a borrowed helmet.

Participant hereby warrants that Participant has read this Agreement.

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