GingerMan Raceway


How do I get involved in road racing?

There are plenty of opportunities to get started at the GingerMan. CGI Track Events are a great option, as well as other Driver Ed programs. See our new drivers page, event schedule or contact us for more information.

Visit CGI Motorsports online.

New Drivers

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What are your hours?

Hours vary depending on the event schedule. Contact us for specific information.

What events are you hosting this year?

See the event schedule listed on this website.

What if it rains?

Most of the racers will run in the rain. In the event of an electrical storm though, we would have to stop the race, and get our corner workers off the track.

Can I rent the facilities?

Yes! Track rental is surprisingly easy. Contact us for more information.

Are passengers allowed?

Passengers are only allowed under certain circumstances. Contact us for more information.

Can I bring my street car?

Yes! Most (but not all) cars are suitable for the track. Contact us for more information.

Is event insurance required?

If you are organizing an event then the proper motorsport liability coverage must be in place. If you are participating in an event then you should contact the host of your event for more information.

Can we camp at GingerMan?

Yes, camping is available on site, in designated areas. It’s $10 per night per person. You can ask for a camp site when you register.

Can we build a campfire?

Campfires are permitted in designated areas.

Do you allow dogs?

We do allow you to bring your dog, but you must keep it leashed at all times and you must clean up after it.

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