GingerMan Raceway


I Am New, What Do I Do?

If you are new to the GingerMan Raceway but have at least three days of experience at a track similar to ours make sure to see the Track Rules,

then sign up as a novice in one of our Open Track Days or Evening Test ‘n’ Tunes. We require that you run a few sessions as a novice and if you want to move up, we can assess you and decide if you are ready.

You can also join a group that comes to our track!


If you have no experience, then you have three choices that can get you ready to drive on the track!


Sign up for our time-honored driving school CGI.


Hire one of our track instructors.


Sign up for Auto Interests, SCCA TNiA or look into other groups that rent out the track and see if they have beginner programs.

Once you are approved by CGI, the instructors, or a racing group, you may register for a GingerMan Raceway Evening Test ‘n’ Tune or a Full Day of Open Track!

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